Trim, Cut, and Well-Groomed

I don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the words trim, cut, and well-groomed is a beautiful lawn.  Today we’re going to talk about the benefits of weekly lawncare. 

Every neighborhood has one, THAT yard that always looks immaculate.  There is never a patch of brown grass, never a blade out of place.  It’s the yard that all of the neighbors love to hate, but secretly wish they had.  The answer is simple, weekly lawncare.  There are several benefits to regularly caring for your yard that go beyond simple aesthetic. 

A well-groomed lawn is a healthy lawn.  Weekly lawn care helps keep your grass free of pests.  It is much more difficult for populations of chinch bugs, army worms and grub worms to take over a yard when the grass is regularly cut.  Well maintained yards also recover quicker when problems do arise.  Inclement weather, pests, and disease can’t keep healthy grass down for long.  Regular cuts ensure even, healthy growth.  Even growth means that the lawn will get an equal distribution of resources such as sunlight and water and healthier shoots fare better and flourish when the grass is cut regularly.  Lastly, grass clippings act as a natural fertilizer for the grass and soil that it grows in.  As the clippings decompose, they release nutrients and add to the organic matter of the soil which improves the soil’s fertility.

A well-maintained lawn also contributes to the health of the whole family.  Regular lawn care not only controls pest populations that are harmful to the grass, but also pest populations that are harmful to both two-legged and four-legged family members.  Shorter grass helps keep flea, tick, and mosquito populations under control.  Fewer bug bites keep everyone happy.  Frequent cuts also prevent debris build-up.  Trash and debris are much easier to spot and clean in a yard that is regularly cut.  Families of well-kept yards also tend to be more physically active and spend more quality time together.  At the end of a long work day or long work week, it is almost impossible to resist getting out and enjoying a beautiful lawn together.

Finally, we’re going to talk about aesthetic.  No one can deny that a well-kept lawn is much more appealing to look at than a yard that has foot tall grass and trash littered throughout.  Trim, cut, and well-groomed lawns look cleaner, improves the appearance of the home and neighborhood, and help establish better relationships with neighbors.