Pressure Washing - How It Increases the Value of Your Home/Business

Pressure washing is one of those often overlooked maintenance items on your home or business to-do list.  Growing mold and mildew is something that slowly becomes more and more noticeable until it finally hits you……..It’s full of mold and mildew!!!!!......your home or business that is.   Living in our little part of Louisiana we are often struck by hot humid weather, this is a perfect growing environment for mold and mildew on the outsides of buildings and on concrete flat surfaces.  While it is an unsightly matter, it can also be bad for the longevity of you homes exterior surfaces.  Cleaning these surfaces once per year can actually help to prolong the life of your homes exterior and keep it looking its best.  The same goes for the roof of your home.  Have you noticed that your roof is not actually the same color it was when you put it on the house?  Or do you have dark steaks running down your roof causing unsightly appearances.  That’s caused from the growth of mildew and mold on you roofs surfaces, and over time if not cared for will lead to premature roof failure.  The proper way to clean a roof and to extend your homes life is by soft washing it.  This is the process of applying non-harmful cleaners, with a low pressure applicator, to the roof or side walls and rinsing them with the same low pressure and clear clean water.   Soft wash, is faster than traditional pressure washing is safer, and will last longer.  With the continuous growth of the real estate market in Lake Charles pressure washing, or soft washing, can actually increase your chances to sell your home by giving it that wow factor on the first initial walk through with a potential buyer.   When it comes to commercial buildings and businesses you are not only increasing the longevity of your building by having it washed, but you will increase the overall impression from your customers by having a clean facility.  Most customers say the overall cleanliness is the first thing they notice when walking into a place of business.  First impressions are everything, so when you have a clean store front or clean building free of mold, mildew, and bug residue you are more likely to present a good first impression and create a lasting relationship with a potential customer.   Lake Charles is booming with new businesses every day and new commercial, as well as residential, developments are around every corner.  If you are looking to create a lasting impression on your customers, or even a great first impression on a potential buyer, pressure washing is definitely something to consider.  Its affordable, and it will help to increase value.   YOU NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCE AT A FIRST IMPRESSION!