Lawn Care and So Much More

Wanted to share a story of a job we recently completed in Lake Charles for a new client, one that we are very proud of I might add.   We got a call from a client in the heart of Lake Charles, in the neighboring areas to McNeese State University.  This Client says they are relatively new to the area and working in the expansion projects of all the industrial refineries in Sulphur, they are looking for someone to maintain and clean up the yard of a really nice older home they just bought and are planning to fix up.  The customer informed she had searched for Lawn Care Service near me and our name popped up.  We are always one to accept a challenge, so I drove right over to meet with the client. Upon arrival the potential customer’s house I can definitely see where some work is needed.  Very overgrown shrubs, grass has inched its way over the sidewalk edges making the sidewalks almost invisible, trees with rough looking branches, etc.  The customer begins to explain why they purchased the home, because not only did they move here due to the booming economy and industrial market, but we also have a growing and booming real estate market and the customer was thinking ahead in wanting to flip this home in a few years to make a good profit.  After looking over the job and coming up with several suggestions we agree on a price and we determine a start date. Upon arrival we get to work on mowing the tall grass on the property and cutting limbs and trees and shrubs.  The grass had been neglected by the previous owner for quite some time.   After around 7 hours work we get the job completed and the customer was ecstatic with the results.  We were able to get the Lawn and untamed wilderness in the back yard under control, and secured a contract for bi-weekly routine maintenance of the property.  Over all the job turned out great and the customer was extremely pleased. One of the main reasons of this topic though was to explain the reasoning behind why the customer hired us, and why Marshland Lawn & Pressure Washing was thrilled to do the job for the customer.  When she searched for reputable lawn care or Lawn Service companies online she said she was looking for someone who could help do the yard maintenance on a routine schedule, but she also wanted someone local to the Lake Charles Area.  Quality workmanship and timely job completion was also a big factor.  Having read reviews on our website she decided to give us a call. Once we met to look at the job we provided a detailed, written estimate of what the job would consist of along with the total cost.  While all of those are important, the customer wanted to make sure to hire someone reputable who was also insured in case of fault on the property.   With the ability to be able to provide all of those factors to the customer it left her feeling piece of mind at the end of the day knowing she hired the right Lawn Care contractor to take care of her property.   We were more than happy to be able to help the customer and glad to have earned a new client!!