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If you need a landscaping contractor in Lake Charles, LA, turn to Marshland Lawn & Pressure Washing, LLC. We're a landscaping company that focuses on using practical and modern designs. We can plant new trees, shrubs, flowers and grass to create a lively landscape. To make our landscaping services more affordable, we also offer package deals.

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How we can improve your landscape

How we can improve your landscape

When you're ready to hire a landscaping company, choose a reliable team that knows how to take care of your property. We improve our clients' landscapes with:

Practical designs-we'll make sure your design suits your property
Beautiful plants-we know how to choose trees, shrubs and flowers that will flourish on your property
Eye-catching lines-we can change the contour of the landscape to make it more appealing

By choosing plants that will thrive in the local climate, we can create a vibrant lawn that doesn't require an extensive amount of maintenance. Call us today if you need a landscaping contractor.